Motorboat Cruise

Motorboat Cruise

In the state of Kerala, motor boating facilities are mostly managed by the State Water Transportation Department (SWTD). Motor Boats were primarily manufactured and operated to serve as a convenient mode of transportation for locals. Many locals live on the shores of the backwaters. These areas are not easily accessible by roads. So the locals use motor boats for general conveyance.

Motor boats began as nothing more than passenger boats but they later gained popularity among tourists. Many tourists who visit Kerala enjoy a motor boat ride in order to explore its backwaters. A motor boat allows tourists to cover a large portion of the backwaters in a short time. As they cruise through the waters at a fast pace, tourists enjoy beautiful views of lush greenery and the placid waters.

Today, motor boats in Kerala generally carry both local passengers as well as tourists. This gives tourists a good opportunity to interact with friendly locals.

Unlike Shikkara boats, canoes and houseboats, motor boats in Kerala do not have a traditional look. Instead, they feature contemporary design and modern engineering.

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