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Canoe Kerala
Canoe Kerala

Our Story So Far... Canoe Kerala - Local Life. Your Way!

When we first introduced Experience Kerala, we were a bunch of friends at their young age of early 20s after our undergraduate program willing to take up the challenge of making our homeland "God's Own Country" wide open to the travellers who want to explore it in a more enriched manner of experiencing it along with their leisure time. As we matured into the business, during the last 8 years of the journey, we had our chances to face the real-time challenges of the tourism industry. Now we are entering into the pristine backwaters of Kerala through our new venture Canoe Kerala Day Tours!

Canoe Kerala is a place exclusively for backwater related activities. Here we are doing nothing historic but trying to provide the genuine backwater experience with the engagement of the village community in an organic manner. Canoe Kerala is a unique experience which offers to paddle local canoes and enjoy luxurious houseboats through the brackish and vibrant canals of Vembanad, Astamudi & Munroe Island with its local ambience of fellow Keralites. We help you to appreciate local backwater life with activities like Canoeing, Fly Fishing, Toddy Tapping, Cooking and quick Rickshaw Ride to a local temple:)

Our Team

Our backwater expert Mr Sanu who is born and brought by the banks of the lake had always dreamt of, initiating such a venture in search of his livelihood from his early childhood days. To start dreaming as a kid growing into adulthood he had witnessed the commercialisation firsthand and it makes the Canoe Kerala team headed under his guidance is his pledge to the backwaters to regain its natural charming beauty through the local routes that seldom people explore in the locality. Our team encourage responsible and sustainable tourism by providing more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.

We invite all fellow travellers to come and experience the most fascinating water-world on planet earth in a truly local way!

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