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Our Hope, Our Work, and Our Story!

We, the humans, are always crazy about exploring new places on and off this planet! We have been addicted to this insane dopamine rush for a million years, is still keeping us hooked! Because some of us chose to stay in different places along the way, there have been other civilizations, cultures, and cuisines worldwide. Isn't it great to see our long-lost sisters and brothers again? We all love going to them, learning about their culture, and sampling their cuisine! But how can this be done?

We believe in a world in which every inquisitive traveller can effortlessly establish a direct link with local communities, allowing them to understand and appreciate the local culture, cuisine and lifestyle wherever they go!

We shall do our best to accommodate you if you ever visit Kerala's gorgeous backwaters! For a genuinely authentic experience of the water world, we strive hard to link you with local communities and support the concept of sustainable tourism.

Mr Sanu EV, our team's champion, was born and brought up on the banks of the Kumarakom backwaters. He began working as a houseboat crewman shortly after graduating from high school. He soon realized that the Houseboats were merely for show, providing little opportunity for travellers to interact with village life or learn about the culture. He fantasized about establishing a business that would allow visitors to engage with locals, learn about various cultures, and sample the region's delectable cuisine. He decided to travel by small wooden boat, interacting with travellers, soliciting feedback, and collecting as much information as possible. Later in his career, he worked with Mr Tony Joseph and Mr Ray Thomas on an experience tourism programme. They, like Sanu, had similar aspirations and founded Canoe Kerala with the sole objective of giving travellers an authentically local experience!

We lead travellers through the infrequently explored canals of Kerala's backwaters. We'd be delighted if we could give you a closer look at the villages' everyday routines and skilful craftsmanship in action. We ensure that our guests have the opportunity to interact with locals and learn about their lifestyles, culinary traditions, and culture while doing so. Our team encourages responsible and sustainable travel by fostering meaningful connections between travellers and local life. We love spending time with travellers from all over the world who want to immerse themselves in the fascinating water-world planet in the most authentic way possible!

As we all belong to the travel community, we appreciate the time, effort, money, and effort you invest in fulfilling your travel dreams. We pledge to work with all our hearts to ensure that your moments with us are meaningful and memorable!

If you reflect our dreams, views, and craziness and also love to be with us in spending a few incredible moments with the local life that we may cherish for the rest of our lives,

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Why You Should Choose Canoe Kerala?

With all the above characteristics and features, our team ‘Canoe Kerala’ is sure to provide travellers a memorable experience of the scenic backwaters of Kerala. We encourage responsible and sustainable tourism through meaningful connections with travellers and local life.

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