Experiential Dinner Cruise in the Kumarakom Canals

Starting Point: Cheepunkal, Kumarakom

Available Time: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Duration: 3 Hours

Highlights: Canoe, Nightfall Scenes, Dinner

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Package Summary

A canoe ride in the stillness of the nightfall, just when everything gets dark, the moon and the stars come up in the sky, is a wonderful example of tranquility. Your nightfall ride in our canoe can bring up a feeling of night adventure through the extremely narrow canals and creeks in the Kumarakom Backwaters of Kerala.

You will get the serene views of the crystal-clear sky above. You can soak in the view of the twinkling stars and the glowing moon while ruminating on your day bygone. Besides the stunning nightfall views, you'll get a taste of the local life and culture through the dinner we would serve onboard.

You can enjoy some traditional Kerala experiential meals while the canoe glides on. You can expect a peaceful setting with the sound effect of water ripples because it is a nightfall cruise. When we return from the trip, you are welcome to stay the night in our cozy and comfortable one bedroom villa overlooking the waterfront.

Detailed Itinerary

The Canoe Kerala dock in Kumarakom serves as the check-in site for the sunset cruise. Our guide will take you to the canoe after giving you a few safety tips and vests. The dinner cruise experience lasts for about 3 hours, or 3 ½ hours, including the Kerala Experiential Dinner. We are sure that your canoe trip will be a memorable one for you. 

Watching the night fishing by traditional methods:

Fishing is the primary livelihood of the locals of Kumarakom. When there is nightfall and all is quiet, the local fishermen fish using traditional methods. Their skilful movements while catching the fish are a treat to watch from the canoe during the stillness of the night and under the moonlight. The silhouetted canvas of the fishermen going about their business under the moonlight will surely be etched in your memory for years to come.

Skygazing while listening to the rippling water:

The sky gazing from the moving canoe with the added sound effect of rippling water below would surely be a unique experience for you. In our part of the Kerala Backwaters, the sky is the clearest provided its not a cloudy day. You can look up and gaze upon the stars, playfully try counting them, or try to locate the constellations from the canoe. If you are a Moon lover, a devoted selenophile, you can keep your gazes fixed upon the glowing moon from the canoe you are riding on. The tranquil ambience will only be broken by the soft sounds of the water ripples as the canoe would glide on. Can you imagine the spell which might get casted on you by the triple effect of the pitch-dark sky, twinkling stars and the soft whitish glow from the moon?

Nightfall View: You can experience a mesmerizing nightfall view onboard. The songs of the birds will be replaced by the songs of the crickets, occasionally thrilling calls from the nightjar birds or hooting of the owls, and you can get to see the views of the night fishing or occasional buzz from the sleepy villages around. If there are clouds in the night sky, you can’t afford to miss the mesmerizing views of the silver linings painted by the moon on the borders of the clouds.

Kerala Traditional Dinner:

The spell casted by the night ambience around will be broken by the dinner table set for you. You will get ready for a full-fledged authentic Kerala style dinner. The dining will be private, and the menus will be exclusively for you. It is a refreshing break from the continental cuisines you are used to have. 

On the classic wooden canoe, the dinner cruise is a unique experience. It feels like you're part of a serene night scene slowly winding up the day with the sky watching with the rippling sound of the moving water, listening to the buzzing crickets or catching the slow life of the villages around over delicious food on the peaceful backwaters.

Additional Info

  • Cruise the Canals in a motorized or non-motorised Canoe
  • Safety Gear & Jackets
  • Nightfall scene Experiences
  • Experiential Kerala Dinner Meals
  • Purified or boiled water in a glass or Metal Flask. No plastic, please.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pick-and-Drop Facility

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