Sunrise Cruise with Village Life, Local Food & Cooking Class

Starting Point: Cheepunkal Kumarakom

Available Time: 6 AM to 12 PM

Duration: 6 hours

Highlights: Sunrise, Meals & Cooking Class

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Kerala Fisherman
Kerala Breakfast
Cooking Class and Lunch
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Kerala Tea
Blooming Water Lily
Bird Watching

Package Summary

A canoe trip on the backwaters of Kerala at sunrise is a great way to explore the locality. You might see beautiful pink lilies and lovely wetland birds during the cruise. In addition to the gorgeous views, you will also get to know how the people of Kerala live and their daily chores.

You'll be able to sample the local food for breakfast and lunch and a  fun and educational cooking session. Since the trip starts early in the morning, you may expect lovely weather and excellent lighting for snapping pictures. What a great way to start the day!

Route Map

Detailed Itinerary

The check-in point for the sunrise cruise is near the Cheepunkal Bridge at Kumarakom. You can reach the location on a tuk-tuk or a car. After you get to the site, our guide will give you safety jackets and brief safety instructions. Then he will guide you to the canoe.

The cruise will last for about 6 hours. It includes a 1 hour cooking class and a typical Kerala style lunch. Our experienced and well-informed guide will help you enjoy your cruise to the full, giving you all the needed assistance. The main highlights of this package are:

Sunrise Views:

The cruise begins with a breath-taking view of the sun rising through the tiny canals. In addition to the beautiful sunrise, you will see pink lilies (seasonal), colourful birds, and a lot of lush vegetation on the shore. One of the best parts is listening to the birds sing and feeling the morning wind on your cheeks.

Canoe Paddling Experience: 

The people who like to go on adventures will be able to paddle the canoe with their own hands. The boatman will gladly give you a paddle once you ask for it. You will understand that paddling a canoe isn't as simple as it looks. We trust your muscles, though!

Bird Watching:

Kumarakom is a bird lover's paradise, as it is home to a varied range of native and exotic birds. The sunrise cruise, in particular, will let you spot many delightful varieties of birds. Herons, owls, cormorants, and egrets are frequently seen. Bring your binoculars to see the birds up close!

Local Life Experience:

The cruise will give you a lot of chances to meet people from the area. You can see the villager's daily activities and their unique work skills. 

Opportunities for Photography:

Village life in Kerala looks a lot like a beautiful painting that has come to life. Make sure you have your camera ready when you pass through the villages on your cruise. A good photographer might be able to get some pictures worth framing for your walls. The morning light is excellent for taking pictures.

Toddy Tapping Experiences:

Toddy is Kerala's authentic alcoholic beverage. They prepare it by fermenting the sap of coconut flowers. But how do they collect the sap? Watch it with your own eyes during the cruise. Looking at a toddy tapper magically climb all the way to the top of a coconut tree is quite a thrilling experience.

Tea from a Local Tea Shop:

The 'chai' at the local tea shop in Kerala is hot and refreshing. But what makes the chai really special is the tea shop's environment. Try to picture yourself sitting on a bench under the open sky, sipping chai and interacting with the locals! It is an opportunity to experience the real Kerala.

Kerala Local Breakfast:

We will prepare a traditional Kerala breakfast for you. Enjoy every bite while taking in the beautiful scenery of the village. It is going to be a pleasant break from the continental cuisines served in fine dining hotels and restaurants.

Watching the Casting of Fishing Nets:

The work of a Kerala fisherman is quite remarkable. Watch in awe as he skillfully casts the fishing net into the water. We recommend capturing his work of art with a slow-motion camera if at all possible.

Cooking Class & Lunch:

You will have a terrific culinary experience near the end of your visit. The 1 hour session starts with an exciting and engaging culinary workshop. Please take note of the unique recipes and cooking methods that add to the specific type of regional cuisine so that when you've returned home, you can start to prepare the dishes. The delicious meals prepared during the cooking class will be served for lunch at the end of the course. The exquisite lunch spread served on a banana leaf typifies Kerala culture. The experience concludes on a high note!

In general, a morning canoe cruise is an incredible experience. The picturesque backwaters, delightful bird chirping, culinary adventure, and glimpses of local village life enrich the boat experience. Consider a sunrise trip to kick-start your day!

Additional Info

  • Cruise the Canals in a Motorised/Non-motorised Canoe
  • Safety Gears & Jackets
  • Village Life Experiences
  • Opportunity to Watch Toddy Tapping
  • Black Coffee/Tea with Cookies
  • Typical Kerala-style Breakfast
  • Cooking Class and Lunch
  • Purified/Boiled Water in Glass Bottles. No plastic, please!
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pick-and-drop Facility

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