Canoe Cruise

Canoe Cruise

A canoe ride is undoubtedly the most adventurous way of exploring the backwaters of Kerala. A Kerala canoe is a traditional wooden boat, pointed at both ends and open on top. It is rowed using a single-bladed paddle. As you can expect, the boat is quite small in size. So it can accommodate only two or four people at once, therefore offering a tranquil experience.

Because of its small size, a canoe can take you to the innermost parts of the Kerala backwaters. These untouched parts define the actual essence of the waters. A houseboat or even a Shikkara boat cannot reach these areas. So it is only with a canoe that you can explore the backwaters in and out. With the help of a canoe, you can get right amidst the beautiful villages. You have an amazing opportunity to talk to humble villagers and observe their simple lifestyle from a much closer distance. You can get a closer look at paddy fields, fishing operations, animals, coconut groves, coir villages, rustic homes etc. The delightful chirping of birds creates a perfect setting to enjoy the pleasant views.

The cost of a canoe ride is quite less when compared to a houseboat cruise or a Shikkara cruise. In a canoe, you don’t just sit and enjoy the views. You can row the boat, get out of it to explore the backwater villages and cruise at a pace you like.

A canoe ride offers an ideal experience for adventurers and explorers. It is also ideal for couples seeking a bit of adventure.

Note: A canoe ride is recommended only for travelers who know at least a bit of swimming.

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