Shikkara Cruise

Shikkara Cruise

A Shikkara boat is a traditionally styled boat that offers a unique backwater experience. It is an open-air boat with bamboo seats and a roof. The roof protects you from the heat of the sun and also the rain, if there is any. So although the sunshine doesn’t hit you directly, you can still enjoy panoramic views of the backwaters since the boat is open all around. The boats are usually colourful adding to the delightful experience.

The Shikkara boat is small in size. So it can accommodate only a few people at once. This makes the experience quiet and peaceful. And because of its small size, a Shikkara boat has another big advantage. It can traverse through the narrow inland waterways of the backwaters, something that a houseboat cruise can never offer you. This will allow you to enjoy the pleasant village scenes from a much closer distance. The shores of the backwaters have a few restaurants that serve food and snacks. So there is no need to worry about food. You can have it on the go.

A Shikkara cruise is must-try experience, especially for couples on their honeymoon. The cool shade, pleasant views and the serene waters together make for a romantic atmosphere. Shikkara boats are comfortable and safe. The tariff is also quite reasonable. So they are a safe and economic way to explore the backwaters. In order to have the most ideal experience, travelers can choose to take the Shikkara cruise either early in the morning or during the evening time before sunset.

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