Houseboat Cruise

Time Required: 4-5 Hrs Difficulty Level: Easy
Available Timings: 12 PM to 5 PM Best Suited: Photography enthusiast and Foodies
A four-hour houseboat cruise
Elaborate Kerala-style lunch
Evening tea and snacks

Featuring a blend of contemporary and traditional design, a houseboat has well-appointed rooms and modern comforts. It offers travelers a premium experience of exploring the tranquil backwaters of Kerala. The gently-paced cruise in the houseboat provides sweeping views of the placid waters and the lush green shoreline. In the houseboat, guests are served lunch and evening tea and snacks.

A day cruise lasts for four or five hours. It usually begins at 12 in the noon. You are served welcome drinks at the start of your trip. Once you settle down and start to enjoy the feel of the backwaters, the chef serves you lunch. The lunch menu can be customised according to your preferences. But generally, it consists of the following items.

  1. Rice, 2) Sambar, 3) Mixed vegetables curry 4) Fish fry 5) Banana Yogurt curry 6) Pappadam, 7) Salad, 8) Pickle, 9) Fruit and 10) Payasam (traditional Kerala dessert).

For vegetarian guests, the fish fry is replaced by another vegetable curry.

As you relax on the sundeck after your fulfilling lunch, you will enjoy views of lush paddy fields, rustic village homes, beautiful canoes and tropical coconut palms as the houseboat cruises through narrow canals. All the views are wonderfully complemented by the pleasant chirping of birds.

After the houseboat comes out into the broader areas of the backwaters, you could ask the friendly houseboat captain if you can take the wheel. He will happily allow it. With your hands on the steering wheel and the serene waters creating a perfect backdrop, you could ask one of your friends to take a picture.

During the final moments of the trip, you could absorb the natural beauty around you for one last time from the sundeck. You are certainly creating memories that you will look back to throughout your life. At this point, the chef serves you hot tea or coffee along with some authentic Kerala snacks. After your coffee, the houseboat anchors on the shore and it’s time for a hard goodbye, or most probably a “see you next time”.

  • Picturesque views of canals and backwaters
  • Traditional design and modern comforts
  • Professional and caring staff
  • Good lunch and snacks
  • Some guests may find the food a bit spicy
  • During the peak season, the tariff can be on the higher end
  • Houseboat cannot enter the narrow canals
  • Pick a traditional houseboat. If possible, try to get a houseboat with an upper deck for better views and more relaxation.
  • Make sure to book a houseboat in advance, especially during peak season.
  • No two houseboats are exactly same. So if there are many options, take one which you find most comfortable.

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