A canoe cruise is the most adventurous way of exploring the backwaters of Kerala. Along with adventure, it also promises a tranquil experience. Exploring the backwater scenes on a traditional canoe and enjoying the lovely background music of birds chirping is an experience of a lifetime. It is a must-have experience for every traveler visiting Kerala.

As you may already know, a canoe in Kerala is an open-top wooden boat with pointy ends. It is rowed using a single bladed paddle. The traditional look of a Kerala canoe is its most appealing feature.

What will you experience?

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Since a canoe in small in size, it can traverse through the narrowest of canals. So on a canoe ride, travellers can enjoy a richer experience of the backwaters as they explore the innermost regions which are seldom touched by most travellers.

As you reach the deeper areas of the backwaters, you will be thrilled to get a close look at the scenic villages. It is a complete joy to interact with the humble villagers and observe their daily chores and activities. The up-close views of paddy fields, fishing operations and cattle grazing are pleasing to say the least.

A Unique Advantage of the Canoe Cruise

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A big advantage of taking a canoe cruise is that you are in complete control. Unlike other boating experiences in Kerala, a canoe ride gives you the freedom of choosing the pace of your cruise. You can decide which area you want to explore. And whenever you feel like, you can make a stop, take time to absorb the beauty around you and even click pictures. Will you have fewer stops or many stops during the cruise? You get to decide! You also get a chance to take the paddle and row the boat with your own hands. The canoe is a lightweight boat but it does require a certain amount of physical effort to row it.

Please note that a Kerala Canoe comes in different sizes. Depending on its size, the canoe can accommodate two to six travelers at one time.

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