A houseboat cruise in Kerala guarantees a royal experience of the backwaters. To enjoy the picturesque views of the calm waters and relish the sumptuous local food from the luxury of a houseboat is quite an experience. The rich natural beauty is beautifully complemented by the cute village scenes and the background music of birds chirping. You cannot go home from a Kerala Holiday without experiencing the joy of a houseboat cruise.

A typical houseboat in Kerala is 120 feet long and has a traditional look. It looks exactly like a boat from outside but when you step in, its nothing less than a luxurious house. With well-furnished rooms, en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen and a sun deck, the houseboat promises a comfortable stay. And since houseboats in Kerala cater to international travellers too, they are designed to have world-class standards of luxury.

One of the most significant features of a houseboat is its sundeck and living area. From the sundeck of a houseboat, you can observe scenic views of coconut trees, paddy fields, quaint cottages, sunrise and sunset, and also of villagers going about their daily activities like fishing, washing clothes etc.

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In the houseboat, there are two-three members of the staff. One is the driver and the others are the chef and helper. Both will have interesting conversations with you about Kerala and it backwaters, perhaps sharing some cool facts. During the cruise, you could ask the driver if you can take his place for a while. He will be happy to do so and you can enjoy the experience of having your hands on the wheel. Make sure you take a picture of this moment! The chef in the houseboat is very friendly, talking to you and noting all your preferences when it comes to food. He takes the primary responsibility of making sure that all your needs are taken care of.

In Kerala, travellers have two types of houseboat cruises to choose from. (1) Day Cruise and (2) Overnight Cruise (3) Night Only Stay

Day Cruise

The Day Cruise begins at noon and lasts for about four hours. Usually, guests are welcomed with a refreshing cool drink. As you settle down in the houseboat, you will be served an elaborate lunch, fruits and dessert. The lunch features amazing delicacies from the local cuisine prepared by a professional local chef. After the lunch, you can enjoy the serene views from the sundeck and later in the evening, you will enjoy some hot Kerala snacks like banana fritters along with chai or coffee.

Overnight cruise

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The overnight cruise of the houseboat is a complete experience. It begins at noon and ends the next morning. Like the day cruise, guests are welcomed with a drink, served an elaborate lunch and later, hot Kerala snacks with chai or coffee. But there are plenty more experiences you can enjoy on an overnight cruise. First of all, you will love the beautiful view of the sunset from the sundeck. Around sunset time, you can also enjoy fishing with a rod from the houseboat. If you catch any fish, the chef will be happy to cook it for dinner. You can also buy fish from a vendor at the shore. The chef will help you make a good bargain. Usually, the houseboat will have a TV and a DVD player. So you can watch a movie with your family and friends as dinner is served. A floating theatre with a dining experience! Experienced that before? It's quite a memory. After the movie, you can have a good night rest in the luxurious air-conditioned room. Will this be your first time sleeping on the waters? We are sure you’ll cherish it. The next morning, wake up to the delightful chirping of birds and enjoy the morning village scenes from the sundeck. After a typical Kerala breakfast, you can bid adieu to the houseboat.

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