Being far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the villages of Kerala have a serene environment and life here goes at a very relaxed pace. To get a close look at the village life can be a soul-searching experience. It feels like time itself has slowed down. Apart from the simple way of life, the villages here are also known for their quaint beauty. It is a joy to walk these villages and get a glimpse of this quaint beauty as well as a taste of the local life. The scenic views, the humble villagers and the interesting experiences you will enjoy on a village walk will be some of the best memories of your holiday. Villages like Kumarakom, Alleppey, Vaikom and Kumbalangi offer the best village walk experiences!

Picturesque Beauty

Unlike the urban areas, the villages have untamed beauty which makes them have a picturesque look. Imagine yourself walking through a quiet village under the blue skies and closely observing bright green paddy fields, swaying coconut trees, cattle grazing and placid backwaters. Also, think about wooden canoes and houseboats gently cruising near the shore of the backwaters. And try to picture the rustic village homes which only add to overall natural beauty. The whole scenery is a beautiful painting!

There’s music too! Most villages of Kerala are home to a wide variety of delightful birds. To enjoy the natural beauty with the chirping of birds as background music is quite a pleasant experience. One unique experience worth special mention is the visit to Bay Island Driftwood Museum. Here, you will see a complete natural museum with naturally existing sculptures of roots and twisted tree trunks. All this picturesque beauty is waiting for you in the villages of Kerala.

Humble Villagers

More than the natural beauty, it is the opportunity to interact with the locals that make a village walk very interesting. You can visit their homes, observe their daily chores and activities, see kids swimming in the waters and watch the craftsman in Kerala going about their work. To interact with villagers and see the simplicity of their lifestyle and the sparkling joy on their faces leaves a lasting impression.

During a village walk, you may get a chance to see fishing operations, coir making, toddy tapping, boat races, handicrafts, clay pottery, khadi weaving, and much more. A special experience you could enjoy is to visit a primary school and interact with the cute little children. Also, you can visit a local tea shop and enjoy sips of chai with the locals on the benches laid out in open air.  You can also take loads of pictures with the locals and try your best to have a wider smile than them.  This and many more experiences are waiting for you in the villages of Kerala.

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Walk the roads of Kerala Villages and experience serenity at its best!