Coir is made from coconut husk and is considered to be one of the strongest threads in the world. Since the state of Kerala has coconut trees in abundance, coir making is one of the most popular occupations here. The first coir processing plant was set up in Alleppey back in 1859 by an Irishman James Darragh. The coir making industry has only grown ever since. Today, 60% of all the white coir produced in the world comes from Kerala. 400,000 people are employed in Kerala’s coir industry and 84% of the employees are women. Using coir, the locals make eco-friendly coir products like handicrafts, carpets etc. You must know that the coir products of Kerala are famous all across the world. During your trip to Kerala, you will not only get a chance to buy these coir products as souvenirs but also a chance to watch the traditional method of making coir.  

Coir Making Process

It is truly amazing to see how the industrious women of Kerala put their heart into work as they use weaving wheels to make coir. The technique they use is quite interesting to watch and their diligence is very inspiring. They have kept getting better at the skill over the years. But how exactly is coir made from scratch? Let us see!

Coconut husk is first softened by allowing it to soak in a saltwater region for many months. Then the softened husk is pounded using a machine or manually with a mallet to extract fibre from the husk. The threshed fibre is collected in a basket and then spun using a wheel. This is where the process gets interesting. Typically, the woman has the basket of fibre tied to herself. She attaches the fibre to the spinning wheel and as it spins, she walks backwards and keeps attaching more and more fibre to the yarn. Watch this amazing process on the video to get a clearer picture.

Coir Products

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The locals of Kerala use coir to make some beautiful coir products. The best part about them is that they are eco-friendly. And since coir is one of the strongest threads in the world, coir products are known not only for their beauty but also for their durability. Coir is used for making essential things like brooms, brushes, mattresses, and ropes. But they are also used for making decorative items like rugs, carpets, handicrafts, and even other useful things like fans and baskets. Coir products of Kerala are the finest in the world. So, when you visit Kerala, buy some of them as souvenirs or to decorate your homes. They will only add beauty to your home and you can be sure that they’re valued for money since they’ll last for a long time.

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